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    Patented Technology

    One Pass Operation

    Removes Paper Labels

    Removes Metal & Plastic Caps

    Eliminates Sorting

H-100VT - Glass Bottle System


Capacity – 1000 KG/HR

Three Stage Processing System:

Pre Breaking Unit: Initial sizing stage, breaks down glass material such as large glass containers.

Shearing Unit: Further reduces size of material and also removes paper labels, metal and plastic caps from the glass.

Sizing Unit: Final stage reduces glass material to your desired aggregate size. (as large as you would like or as fine as powder).

Consistent the First Time:

The GlassAgg Systems have the ability to produce a consistent-sized glass aggregate in a one-pass application which lends to the most efficient and effective means of converting waste glass into a marketable commodity. The GlassAgg Systems achieve the highest level of consistency, above all other glass recycling equipment, while incurring the lowest maintenance cost for our customer.